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Market Analysis Of Lanolin for Industrial Application

ammonium | 07 June, 2018 13:48

Lanolin refining process can be complicated & difficult leading to increased costs. However, a major issue surrounding industry is the toxic makeup of the substance, which has led to end-users opting for other alternatives. Lactic acid is among the finest bio-based substitutes available along with coconut oil. It is widely used in skin care creams and lotions to make the skin firmer and thicker. Coconut oil is gradually gaining importance as a potential alternative due to its antioxidant properties. Availability of hypoallergenic grades for skin treatment has increased its demand in pharmaceutical segment. Increasing healthcare facilities & expanding medical sector in emerging economies of Asia Pacific are key factors promoting industry growth High prevalence of diseases and increasing cases of lifestyle related health conditions are driving the demand for natural medication. This factor, in turn, is expected to aid in driving growth.Asia Pacific was the dominant region with a volumetric share of over 35% in 2015. Improving economic conditions coupled with a versatile pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape in China, India, and the Philippines are touted to drive growth. Contact Us http://ar.xinyi-lanolin.com
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