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Anhydrous Lanolin for Cosmetics and Medicine-How much Do You Know

ammonium | 06 June, 2018 14:18

Lanolin is a waxy substance that coats a sheep’s fur, keeping it moist and protecting its skin. After a sheep has been shorn, a waxy substance called sebum is left on the fur, which comes from the animal’s sebaceous glands – just like human skin produces oil – and is affected by hormone production. While lanolin contains sebum, it can also contain sweat, dirt, dust, pollen, fecal matter and more. In addition, different sheep breeds create different consistencies of lanolin with different makeups. Lanolin must first be purified before it can be used in any products and that can be a challenge. Lanolin is a super moisturizing multitasker. You can use it on skin, nails and hair.Basically, it locks in moisture. It prevents water from evaporating and makes even the driest of skin all soft and smooth.Another perk? Lanolin blends so well with most ingredients, it is also used to help form emulsions.Lanolin, in and of itself, is not toxic. If it is truly purified lanolin ointment, the toxins (i.e. pesticides) are in extremely miniscule amounts or at least should be. Lanolin can also be fractionated to obtain a more cosmetically elegant liquid form which has superior properties and improved compatibility with mineral oils.Upon fractionation, in addition to obtaining the highly useful lanolin oil fraction, a solid fraction which is typically a hard waxy material melting at about 50° C is obtained. The high melting lanolin wax fraction has found some limited use in the cosmetic industry but because of its undesirable physical form it is more generally used in such products as shoe polishes, floor and furniture polishes, printing inks and carbon paper inks. Contact Us http://ar.xinyi-lanolin.com
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