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Powerful Cocamide DEA (CDEA or 6501)

ammonium | 25 January, 2018 11:26

Cocamide DEA is also called Coconut diethanolamide 6501, CDEA or Coco Fatty Acid Diethanolmide. Cocamide DEA is yellowish to yellow viscous liquid. 6501 is an emulsifier, thickener and foaming agent. The composition can increase the foaming ability and stability of surfactant bubble. . Compounded with other anionic surfactants, such as LABSA, the foaming ability of Cocamide DEA will be obviously improved, and foam is more affluent, stable and long standing. Washing effect is also enhanced. Cocamide DEA is widely used in various fields. The most common use of it is in washing care products, such as shampoo and bubble bath. Cocamide DEA can also increase the viscosity of water solution which is water based. Because the cocamide DEA can be water and oil soluble at the same time, it can make the water and oil evenly dispersed in the solution. Coco Fatty Acid Diethanolmide can also ring the oily dirt in the hair, making it easy to rinse off ,while traditional clean type surfactants (such as soap) has a drying effect. Since its natural fatty acids are extracted from coconut oil, Cocamide DEA can effectively clean hair and regulate hair. It can also enhance the efficacy of other cleansing and conditioning ingredients. You will find that the composition mainly appears in shampoo, shower gel, cleanser, liquid soaps, bubble bath, anti-dandruff products, hair dye, peels/scrub and bath oil. In addition, Cocamide DEA can be used in electric plating, shoe polish and printing ink, etc. Furthermore, Coconut diethanolamide 6501 is especially suitable for washing animal’s fiber, such as hair and thread, etc. because it can soften fiber textile. Contact Us Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Co.,Ltd Address:Wushan Town, Lishui District, Jiangsu Province, China Post code: 211100 Tel: 0086-25-52397803 Fax: 0086-25-68650010 E-mail: info@nj-sinopec.com Website: http://www.nj-sinopec.com
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