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Features of Medical Grade Silicone Rubber

ammonium | 18 January, 2018 14:52

Silicone rubbers are superior in heat resistance, electric insulation, and chemical stability compared to ordinary organic rubbers.Silicone Rubber has good chemical stability.Medical Grade Silicone Rubber is bio-inert material, suitable for medical and food-grade applications.Medical Grade Silicone Rubber is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) has very low compression set and is well suited for compression sealing applications. Medical Grade Silicone Rubber products generally feel dry and non-tacky for comfort and feel. The mold cavities can be customized to achieve various surface textures on the parts.It is an ideal mold material to use to reproduce prototypes and create submasters from fragile, low-temp model materials.A chemical bond can also be achieved to other substrates (e.g. metal) using primers.Medical Grade Silicone Rubber materials provide excellent electrical insulating qualities even under severe environmental stress such as extreme temperatures, moisture, UV, ozone and oil. Nanjing Lijie Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. is a factory based valuable professional supplier of silicone rubber and silicone oil series with years of exportation experience. We are fully knowledgeable of the product property and can handle the product delivery skillfully and smoothly. Nanjing Lijie Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd Teл: 0086-25-52397808 Факс: 0086-25-51192304 Email:russia@silicon-rubber.net Контактное лицо: Денис Скуковский Skype Denis.Skukovsky Website:ru.silicon-rubber.net
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