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Basical Nature about Silicone Rubber

ammonium | 20 December, 2017 15:16

Silicone Rubber is kind of odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.Mold Silicone Rubber burdens unique properties including excellent thermal stability, consistent electrical properties, resistance to compression set, chemical inertness, release ability, flame retardant and long service life.The production of Silicone Rubber consists of two methods: 1.The intermittent process production 2.Method of continuous production. AS for the first method ,first Cyclosiloxane should be made balance of polymerization in alkali catalyst (siloxane alcohol potassium or tetramethyl ammonium siloxane alcohol). White carbon black is often used in Intermittent neutralizer. The dosage is about 0.5% of the materials, or using a neutral – polysiloxane-phosphate solution. Then, we need to insert the pipe through the bottom of blowing nitrogen drying and turn on the vacuum system to remove cyclosiloxane and other volatile in raw rubber. Then we need to put the rubber to cool , and pack after cooling. In continuous production, we will need three static mixer series. Silicone Rubber obtained by vulcanizing of the product can be widely used in industries of construction, electronics, astronautics, automobile and medicine. Silicone Rubber is applied for insulation, damp proof, shockproof sealing and embedment in electronic devices and components, construction filling sealing and molding of rubber and plastic products and crafts. It can also be used in ablation-resistant coating, moulage and separant, etc. Moreover, Silicone Rubber can be used in anti-adhesive material for cylinder ring. Silicone rubbers are superior in heat resistance, electric insulation, and chemical stability compared to ordinary organic rubbers. If you want to know more about Silicone Rubber, please feel free to visit our company-Nanjing Lijie Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd in our website. Nanjing Lijie Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd Tel: 0086-25-52397808 Fax: 0086-25-51192304 Email:info@silicon-rubber.net Add: Qixia industrial district, Nanjing, Jiangsu province Website:www.silicon-rubber.net
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